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The Property Management Mastermind Show and Property Management Productions was formed to provide information and products BY Property Managers FOR Property Managers looking to grow and run their business. The podcast show is an interview discussion conducted by Brad Larsen – a Property Manager in San Antonio, TX. In this Podcast show, Brad will interview some of the biggest and brightest stars in the Property Management industry to include National Association of Residential Property Management (NARPM) members, Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA) members, and key vendors in the property management industry with the goal of being able to gain insight for best practices, new trends, and exciting information to help you grow and run your business more successfully.
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May 31, 2017

Today’s Guest: 

Today’s show is sponsored by the National Property Management Network, which provides insurance products and services such as tenant liability insurance to property managers. 

I’m excited to share this interview with Marc Cunningham, who will talk about some of his incredible systems and products. I’ve been very impressed with what he’s putting together, and can’t wait for you to hear all about it and decide whether his products might be right for you. 

Before digging into his products, though, you’ll get some background and insight into Marc himself (which will help explain why he’s so highly qualified to create these works). As he explains in the interview, he grew up in the world of property and real estate, and was dealing with various business aspects while still a child. This all came about because his father started Grace Management & Investment, so Marc had deep exposure from a young age. 

Marc also reveals “the big secret in the property management world,” which is that ”everybody thinks they’re the only ones that don’t get it.” Wow! Just take a moment to let that sink in. If you’re feeling like you’re a little bit lost or unsure of the best ways to do things, it’s not because you’re somehow the least-knowledgeable person around… but rather because we all feel that way sometimes.

Of course, that isn’t to say that you should be content with where you are and stop striving to be better. There’s always room for improvement, and this is where Marc’s products come into play. I’ll let him describe them for you himself in this conversation, but take it from me that these incredible tools are a direct investment in your business that can help you achieve your goals.

Best of all, Marc is offering a generous discount for listeners: 10% off any of his products when you use the promo code “Brad”!

Here’s where you can find Marc:

Marc Cunningham on LinkedIn

Grace Management & Investment

Grace Management & Investment Products


Show Notes

[02:08] - Marc grew up in the property management and real estate world, he explains, because his father started Grace Management. He then explains the progression of the company, and what they do today.

[03:43] - Brad points out that Marc, being in Colorado, has a seasonal leasing market. Marc then clarifies that other factors steady out the overall flow.

[04:26] - We learn about Marc’s degree in real estate.

[05:13] - The main reason Brad wanted Marc on the show was to talk about his educational products (specifically systems manuals) and how they can benefit companies. Marc then explains some of the background of why he and his father shifted the style of the business.

[07:49] - Marc explains that the products were originally made for Grace Management rather than to sell.

[09:14] - Marc mentions a survey he heard recently about employee engagement, in which employees rated this comment most highly: “I know what is expected of me at the office.” Brad then dives into how personalities play into this.

[11:09] - Brad has his MPM candidacy with NARPM completed (FIND AND LINK THESE). This allows one to test for the CRMC designation (FIND AND LINK THIS), for which the outline is near what Marc’s products are. Marc and Brad then discuss this.

[13:27] - Marc goes back a step, explaining how he and his father started sharing their creations and that people started asking to buy the full versions long before it occurred to them to sell them.

[15:36] - The products come in Word format. Marc talks about how people usually use them.

[17:37] - Brad offers an example: a medium-sized company comes to Marc wanting to put all his systems in place. Marc then walks us through how this situation plays out, generally in one of two ways.

[19:58] - Did Marc go to a pro or consultant to get the systems manuals set up, or did he do them himself?

[21:44] - Marc talks us through the cost of the various packages that Grace Management offers, which range from $497 to over $3,000. The larger packages, he explains, offer one-on-one time with him.

[25:31] - Marc is still a property management company owner, he explains, and the systems manuals are a side note.

[25:28] - Does Marc have any success stories he can share?

[26:32] - Brad brings up another product of Marc’s addressing ways to make money. In response, Marc explains how he identified the need for that other product.

[28:54] - We hear about how effective this product was for one user, who was able to go on a trip to Vegas after implementing the first idea.

[30:14] - How did Marc decide how to price his various products?

[32:34] - Marc tells us where to find the products he’s been discussing. They’re available at He then talks a bit more about these products.

[34:08] - Marc makes a special offer for Property Management Mastermind Show listeners. Enter the promo code “Brad” to get 10% off Marc’s products!

[36:29] - We learn one of the reasons that Marc believes that systems are so important: they “dramastically” (a word he coins here) increase the value of your business.


Links and Resources:

Marc Cunningham on LinkedIn

Grace Management & Investment

Grace Management & Investment Products

National Property Management Network

National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)

DISC profile

CRMC Designation Candidacy Checklist

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